We are hiring a social worker.  Please see the job description here

We are hiring a director of social emotional and mental health.  Please see the job description here.

Please send your resume and a cover letter to if you are interested in these positions. 

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Working at SBCS

SBCS provides an engaging arts-infused curriculum with an emphasis on developing student thinking, creativity, and leadership. SBCS focuses on the whole child, recognizing the importance of character education.  We work to instill six Habits of Scholarship:  autonomy, empathy, integrity, perseverance, quality, and responsibility.  We strive to meet the social-emotional needs of children while helping them achieve academic excellence.

SBCS is a teacher-led school where staff committees work with the administrative team to develop and implement many school wide decisions. Collaboration, consensus decision-making and dialogue are essential practices in our school. We seek employees who can thrive in a collective leadership environment. All staff members are members of a learning community. We work together on behalf of students to improve the school's program, share expertise, build knowledge in our disciplines, and model collaborative learning. Staff culture is characterized by trust and respectful collegiality. Teachers focus on solutions free of judgment, blame, and defensiveness and support each other in improving their practice. School leaders, teachers, and students join together in a school culture characterized by self-discipline, compassion, collaboration, and joy in learning.

All applicants for all positions must understand and embrace SBCS's approach to learning and leading, which is rooted in the tenets of EL Education (EL).

• We champion a positive school-wide culture by devoting time and attention to developing and maintaining traditions, systems, and structures.
• We celebrate and exemplify the values of EL through our daily words and actions.
• We take responsibility for all students, and ensure that the school's Habits of Scholarship are demonstrated in hallways, classrooms, common spaces, and off school grounds.
• We model the Habits of Scholarship in word and action.
• We address issues related to student discipline using the tenets of EL and the language of the Habits of Scholarship.  
• Student misbehavior is treated as a learning opportunity for both students and teachers. Teachers probe for causes of misbehavior or conflict.  Consequences are logical, consistent, and clearly communicated.
• Classroom norms reinforce the Habits of Scholarship. 
• Kindness is essential in all of our work and relationships.
• We expect students and staff to learn in and through the arts.
• We value outdoor experiences for staff and students, and implement a Fitness and Adventure program that is based on the tenets of Outward Bound.
• Our students are bound for their "best fit" high schools and post secondary college or training.
• We want our students to reach their highest potential as they strive for a healthy, happy life beyond school.