dissectFrom pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade, SBCS students build a strong foundation in Math, Literacy, Social Studies, and Science.  Students in 7th and 8th Grade also learn Spanish.

Math:  EnVision 2.0 (LINK) is the math curriculum for all grades.  This curriculum is supplemented with hands-on, complex problems that provide opportunities to apply skills to real life.

Literacy:  We use Expeditionary Learning (EL) Education's award-winning literacy curriculum a the backbone of our literacy work.  Teacher teams modify the curriculum as appropriate to meet the needs and interests of our students.

Social Studies and Science: Teachers use learning expeditions (10-12 week in-depth investigations) to frame curriculum and engage students in science and social studies.  Instead of learning isolated facts about a wide variety of topics, students develop deep knowledge of fewer topics each year, becoming experts and retaining their understanding long after the learning expedition is over.  Throughout an expedition, students go on fieldwork, do research in the surrounding community, and often engage with real stakeholders to solve a problem.  We use the Expeditionary Learning design model to provide a rigorous and engaging curriculum, promote active, inquiry-based pedagogy, and support a school culture that teaches compassion and good citizenship. 

Foreign Language:  Students in grades 7 and 8 learn Spanish through Middlebury Interactive (beginning Fall 2018).