LibraryLiteracy Curriculum Overview

We use the Expeditionary Learning (EL) curriculum for Literacy. The curriculum combines rigorous, standards-aligned content with effective instructional practice, bringing together the "what" and "how" of Common Core success. The EL curriculum is written mostly by expert teachers instead of curriculum company employees.  It is designed to engage teachers and students in active learning every day.

The curriculum consists of four modules.  Each module is approximately 8 weeks of instruction broken into 3 units. Each module progresses in a standard sequence:

1. Building Background Knowledge (Unit 1)

2. Extended Reading and Research (Unit 2)

3. Extended Writing (Unit 3).

Each module’s books have been carefully selected and vetted as the best books for teaching grade-level content. These central texts are supported by a list of recommended texts-books, articles, and primary source documents that balance literary and informational texts at appropriate levels of complexity. The Literacy
curriculum is geared toward "empowering teachers to enable their students to achieve more than they think possible."  The curriculum can be accessed by clicking on the following link

Math Curriculum Overview
Grades K through 8 use Pearson’s curriculum, enVision Math 2.0. The goal of enVison Math 2.0 is to promote student understanding through problem-based teaching and learning. The program is organized to help students focus on clusters of Common Core priorities within a grade. An overview of enVision Math 2.0  can be accessed by clicking on the following link.

Expedition Curriculum Overview
The SBCS Expedition Curriculum brings to life topics of local and regional significance. Using Common Core Standards as a base, we weave together Literacy and Math standards with compelling social studies and science content that engages and inspires our K- 8 graders.  Teachers within grade-level teams have the autonomy to choose and develop compelling topics within our curriculum map framework.


During Expeditions, classes investigate multiple case studies of a given topic in order to draw conclusions about historical patterns, discover how the natural world works, and find connections among subjects of study. Within each Expedition, students engage in fieldwork in the community, invite experts from various fields to visit classrooms, and work to produce high quality products associated with each Expedition.  We celebrate and model depth over breadth in our curriculum map.  By the time they leave us for high school, SBCS students are well-prepared to make connections, draw conclusions, and relate their study to our present day world.  Students are challenged to become experts in areas of particular interest and create high quality products.  Throughout the year, students share their work with the greater community at Culminating Events and Schoolwide Meetings.


Literacy and Math standards are purposefully woven into Science and Social Studies Expeditions.  We believe that this connection fosters long-term learning of useful skills and meaningful content.  Content is linked to real world topics with a commitment to knowing contextualized learning that increases student motivation and builds cross-curricular understanding.