7th Grade Girls Go Canoeing

On Friday May 31st, SBCS 7th grade girls went on an outing to the Loch Raven reservoir. The participants made goals for the outing which included: to learn/improve canoeing skills, build stronger bonds within the group, and have a fun experience in nature. To reach goal #1 adult volunteers teamed up with each 7th grader to work one-on-one on canoeing technique. As the girls progressed (amazingly quickly!) they took on their second goal and chose to paddle with a peer that they normally would not work with during the school day. For the third goal the group played several ice breakers, ate lunch on a point overlooking the water, saw a bald eagle, rescued a shoe from a mud pit, navigated treacherous downed trees while going under a bridge, and took time to just relax on the water. The girls agreed that they had made a lot of progress towards their goals all while embarking on an amazing adventure.

"Thank you BICO Club I had fun. I've never been canoeing, even though it was hard and my shoe got stuck in the mud it was fun and I met new people." - Lauren 7th Grade

One highlight from today's trip - "seeing all the pretty trees and being out in the sun." - Ranell 7th Grade

One change I could make about today's outing? "I would help more with the canoes. Everyone wouldn't have to struggle with (carrying) the canoe if I helped more." - Aida 7th Grade