BICO and Bees

The BICO Club went to the Piedmont Nature Center in Gywnn Oak on April 27th. This facility has a lot to offer including the chance to learn and get really close to honey bees. Students were able to put on beekeeper suits and get within a few inches of an active hive containing over 30,000 bees! Everyone saw firsthand how active a hive is, how gentle honey bees really are, and all the jobs of a bee colony. In addition to bees, participants learned about invasive plants and even helped to remove a pesky one called Garlic Mustard. After that, the club took a short hike and found a tree that has been alive since at least the American Revolution. It was a terrific adventure.

"I enjoyed that I got to go on the trip because BICO trip(s) are fun!!!" - Ta'Shaun 4th Grade

"I would make the trip longer" - Emaani 4th Grade

"I would take more Garlic Mustard out of the dirt" - Cyrus 4th Grade