BICO Goes to Gunpowder State Park

On Saturday September 15th the SBCS BICO club went hiking and swimming at Gunpowder State Park. Since this was the first outing of the year a significant amount of time was devoted to basic hiking and safety skills such as learning what trail Blazes mean, understanding the importance of the Buddy System, and, what the roles of a Point person and Sweeper are on outings. The club hiked about 1.3 miles to a natural swimming hole. The water was chilly, but the weather was perfect! On the hike to and from the swimming hole everyone had to persevere as they navigated stream crossings and seemingly endless mud. It was fantastic trip!

"I would like to go on future BICO trips because BICO is super fun and I would love to do it again." - Malik 6th Grade

"I will tell my class about how we went swimming in a water hole. The water was cold, but I loved it!" - Shayla 5th Grade

"The highlight of the trip was we went to a swimming hole that was naturally created by rushing water." - Raleigh 6th Grade

"This trip was nice and fun and the BICO Club is the best club I have ever seen since I get to explore the world, so thank you so much for this trip." - Anis 6th Grade