BICO at Rocks State Park

On Saturday October 13th the SBCS BICO club went hiking and bouldering at Rocks State Park. On this outing participants helped navigate a 2 mile hike around the park to a humongous rock out-cropping called the King and Queen’s seat. Once there we spent several hours climbing, exploring, and pushing our comfort zones while watching hawks soar through the valley below us, it was spectacular. On this adventure there were sightings of chipmunks and a white tail deer. Plus, there were mushrooms growing everywhere in all shapes and colors – even a deep purple! It was a memorable day outside on a unique adventure with the BICO Club.

"I Love BICO trips they let me get out of the house." - Myles 6th Grade

"I enjoyed seeing lots of mushrooms. Also, I enjoyed seeing lots of spiders." - Kimaya 5th Grade

"I will tell my crew about getting on (the) boulders and the highest ones." - Titus 5th Grade