Disc Golf

The BICO Club went to Druid Hill Park on March 29th to try Disc Golf. For this activity, participants throw a Frisbee from a tee to a basket, which is the hole, which is usually 200 feet or more away. What makes it even more challenging (and fun) is that there are all kinds of obstacles: bushes, hills, trees, mud, rocks, and lots of branches. All youth showed perseverance in continuing to try even when they struggled to make their Frisbee go where they wanted. Sometimes it seemed like the Frisbee would roll right back to where you started! It was a terrific way to get outside for the afternoon and enjoy the warm spring sunshine while making new friends.

"I'm glad that I made new friends that like the activities as much as I do." - Taijana 8th Grade

"More hummus because a lot of people like it and there were 9 people." - Deonte 4th Grade

"Thank you for planning this trip and the food. I love this trip and I want to do it again" - Malik 5th Grade