Gym Details

We plan to completely overhaul the gym:  new floor, new retractable divider wall, new AV equipment, new basketball hoops, new wall pads, new paint job, new HVAC system.  We also plan to demolish the existing locker rooms and convert them into changing rooms, a dance studio, two small classrooms, and storage space. 

Our signature Expeditionary Learning school design fosters high student engagement and strong student performance.  Arts integrated instruction and a robust fitness and adventure program further enhance our students’ development.  Our dance program epitomizes arts integrated instruction and our fitness and adventure program would be significantly enhanced with a functional gymnasium. 

Once renovated, our new facilities will not only allow us to meet our students’ recreational needs during the school day, but also allow us to address the dearth of recreational opportunities available in the community after school, in the evenings, and on the weekends.

The Slam Dunk for Southwest capital campaign will address long-standing facility challenges.  Our gym and locker rooms have not been renovated since our building was built in 1967.  While the bones of the space are good, the gym is dingy, dark, and antiquated.  It is most definitely not a 21st century space!  The floor tiles break and chip and are dangerously slippery.  There are water stains on all of the walls.  The divider wall breaks on a regular basis.  There is no AV equipment to provide media access of any kind.  There is no working HVAC or ventilation system, so the gym is either too cold or too hot, and the locker rooms are unusable because they are stagnant and moldy.  In fact, the locker rooms have been remediated for mold by hazardous materials experts three times since 2009.

We plan to convert our dilapidated gymnasium and mold-infested locker rooms into a state-of-the art recreational spaces, complete with changing rooms and a modernized dance studio.  An attractive, functional, safe gym will provide significant benefits to our students, families, teachers, and extended community.  With your help, SBCS will be equipped to fill the recreational programming gap our students and families face.  We are eager to open our doors and share our recreational spaces with our neighbors.

Here is what our gym and locker rooms looks like today.  You can see we really need your help!  Please click here to donate.  

Before Picture:  Dance Studio Space

locker room


Before Picture:  Gymnasium