Snow Tubing

The BICO Club traveled to Pennsylvania on February 23rd to spend the day outdoors in winter, snow tubing. To go snow tubing the participants had to master dressing in layers so they could keep warm while outside in the cold for hours, but also make adjustments (take a layer off) if they got warm while going up and down the hills. The best part of the day was how everyone showed empathy and worked together to get the tubes up to the top of the hill, over and over. Club members ended the day thrilled and exhausted. As we debriefed, the crew definitely agreed that they can go outside and enjoy nature any time of year; they just have to dress right.

"I had so much fun and I am thankful for (donors) paying for me to have fun and all the future trips." - Kennady 5th Grade

"I got to go up on a big mountain with snow and slide down. It was fun!" - Emaani 4th Grade

"It doesn't matter if it is cold because you can have fun outside no matter what." -  Malik 6th Grade