Survey Grades K-4, do you want your child to return to school?

As we prepare to bring some of our younger students back to school in-person on April 12, we are asking that you complete this survey by March 1:

We are asking you if you want to commit to bringing your child back on April 12 (provided we have openings), or if you prefer to stay virtual.  Once we receive your responses, we will determine how to move forward in a way that best serves all students in K-4.  If we do not hear from you by March 1, we will assume you want to stay virtual.  Filling out this survey does not guarantee that we will be able to give your child an in-person spot.

We will continue to develop our re-opening plan based on your responses to this survey and what happens with vaccines and COVID spread over the next few weeks.


Please complete a separate survey for each child in grades K – 4.  Thank you!