Lottery Application

Complete a separate application for each child applying. Applications will be accepted until Feb. 04, 2022. The Lottery will be Feb. 11, 2022 at 11 AM (Feb. 18, 2022 rain day). You may also fill out the paper application form and hand-deliver or mail to: 1300 Herkimer Street, Baltimore, MD 21223

Student Information

Enrolled students must be residents of Baltimore City.

Sibling Information

List all siblings of the applicant that currently attend/ applying to SBCS. Siblings are defined as brothers/sisters who reside in the same household and share a common parent or are legally adopted or are the legal responsibility of the same parent. Proof of legal adoption/legal responsibility will be required at the time of enrollment.

Siblings Currently Attending SBCS
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Add the names of each sibling
Siblings Applying to SBCS
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Add the names of each sibling
Parent/Guardian Information
(Please notify us immediately should your contact information change.)