Jan 30, 2019

Thinking of sending your child to SBCS for Pre-K or Kindergarten? Please come to our Play Date on Saturday, March 9th at 10 AM.

Jan 25, 2019

Can you help us stock our library? We need to get more books for our Pre-K friends (and some of the older ones too).

Jan 23, 2019

On Friday Jan 18th SBCS students traveled to Johns Hopkins University to try indoor rock climbing. It's a great winter indoor activity that challenges participants physically and mentally and requires a crew mentality to succeed (someone has to help by holding or "belaying" that rope).

Jan 22, 2019

Just for moms! Free workshop for moms/female guardians. Workshops will consist of a 45-minute Pilates workout and a 30-minute group discussion. Bring your Yoga/Pilates mat, towel, water bottle, and positive energy. Fourth Thursday of each month at 5:30 in the dance studio at SBCS. Hosted by: Tracy Matthews, Certified Pilates Instructor. First workshop is this Thursday, January 24th.

Jan 22, 2019


Jan 11, 2019

Congratulations to Kambira, our first SBCS Trail Guide!  She embodies all of the Habits of Scholarship at SBCS, but particularly Responsibility.  She was honored today at School-Wide Meeting and will enjoy special privileges while she is at SBCS.

Jan 09, 2019

Pre-K students have started investigating how to work together to accomplish goals with Parachute Time! Everyone wants to run under the parachute but that cannot happen unless everyone else helps lift it up high. Taking turns, working towards a common goal, and celebrating each other's successes - all while smiling and laughing and dancing, TOO FUN!

Jan 08, 2019

Elementary Teachers took part in a professional development session about Activity Breaks. The research is SO clear that all people (and especially children) need to get up and move with frequency to be their best selves. This can be challenging in a classroom full of chairs, desks, and book shelves.

Jan 07, 2019

Upon returning from Winter Break 4th Grade spent their first Fitness & Adventure class reconnecting with their crew mates in the game Cross the River. Students have to work together to safely get everyone from one end to the other without touching the floor. It was a super fun as everyone wanted "just a little more time" and helped students dust-off their collaboration skills.

Dec 20, 2018