Day in the Life

A Day in the Life of an 8th Grade SBCS student
By: Sydney Gault
8th Grader

The day in the life of an 8th grade student at any school is a stressful and challenging time. You have to deal with the stress of high school choice, higher expectations and more challenging work. However, the day in the life of an 8th grader at S.B.C.S is also fun and full of freedom.

The day begins with Crew. We are placed into our crews in the 6th grade and continue with this group of peers until we leave S.B.C.S. All of the 6th grade boys and girls are split into two groups of each (2 girl crews, 2 boy crews). My crew has been together for two years and we have developed a strong sister-like bond. I feel like crew connects us deeper and allows us to have fun and extend friendships. In crew we normally have a greeting, an activity and we discuss a topic, but right now we are beginning to work on high school choice. It's that time of the year.
After crew, we put our belongings in our locker and go to our first class.

My first class of each day is Science (we follow the same schedule each day). Our teacher, Ms. Abigail is very interesting and lively. In her class we get to do different types of experiments and tests. Right now we are working on our presentations for our bac-speriments (bacteria experiments). We have found bacteria, created a research question and hypothesis, are in the process of making the lab-report and are making the presentation.

The next class I have is Humanities. Mr. Geoff is my humanities teacher and his class is definitely my favorite. Mr. Geoff has a very cool, calm, fun way he teaches us. We have already learned about Frederick Douglass and a little bit about John Brown. Right now we are creating a story from an event that happened in the life of Frederick Douglass or John Brown.

The third class I have is Dance. We are allowed to go to our lockers and then to Cultural Arts (Dance, Art or Fitness and Adventure). In dance, my teacher Ms. Allison is a fun and serious teacher. She has a very effective way of teaching us choreography. I love dance, I feel like I connect with it and I can express my feelings and emotions through dance. Right now, we are working on our final dances for Culminating Event, so we are practicing and revising our dances.

The next two periods are our free periods - lunch and recess. After I've gotten my lunch, I can talk and laugh and have fun with my friends. After lunch we go outside for recess. Normally we sit on "our" bench and socialize. Other times we walk around the park, until we go in for our next class.

My next class is Math. We are being taught by Ms. Leneski, but right now she's away, so Ms. Jessie and Ms. Shaw are teaching us about linear equations.
My last class is literacy. I'm taught by Ms. Nora. In Literacy we are currently learning about how two story book characters are juxtaposed in "A Long Walk To Water". We are creating collages and black-out poetry as our final products for Culminating Event. I'm very excited to make my collage because I love to create visual art!

After literacy we are free to collect our things and go home for the day.

Being an 8th grader at SBCS is fun and challenging, I feel like things are definitely looking up for me. I'm excited and also sad at the thought of leaving friends, teachers and the school but high school awaits me in the future. I am excited to have a fresh start and new experiences and I feel like so far my 8th grade experience at SBCS is preparing me for my future.