Bylaws (Amended 130410)


Bylaws Amendments

The following amendments were approved and adopted at the April 10, 2013 General Meeting. 

Article III Membership

Article IV Section F and H | deleted

Article IV Section G | reordered as Article IV Section F

Article IV Section G Compensation | New Article IV Section G

Article V Officers Terms, Removal and Vacancies

Section D | New section added to address turn over of Office materials

Article VI Election of Officers

Section B4 | Revised to establish minimum number of officers

Section C | Revised to include Office transition

Article VII Executive Board

Section A

Article VIII Committees | Revised and reorderd as Article IX Committees

Article IX Finances

Section B | Budget and Funding Request

Section C

Article X Meetings | Revised and reordered as Article XI Meetings

Article XII Standing Rules | New Article

Article XIII Communications | New Article


Postponed Amendment(s)


Article VIII Parent Liaisons




Role of the SBCS-PTO