Thank You!

The following individuals, companies, and foundations made generous contributions to Southwest Baltimore Charter School from June 30, 2015 to the present. We gratefully acknowledge their Annual Fund gifts and special project grants.

We also applaud the corporations, partners, and friends who have contributed goods, services, and countless volunteer hours to help make SBCS a vibrant and thriving part of our community!



Arts Integration

Wright Family Foundation

Maryland State Arts Council

University of Maryland - Baltimore

Young Audiences of Maryland


Faculty and Staff Leadership

Hoffberger Family Foundation

Wright Family Foundation


Green School Initiatives and

Community Action

Baltimore Community Foundation

Baltimore Office of Sustainability

Constellation Energy

Green, Healthy Schools Initiative

Ligon and Ligon Construction Co.

Mullen Landscape and Nursery Company

Parks and People Foundation

Pigtown Mainstreet

Ruppert Landscape Company

Southwest Baltimore Partnership

University of Maryland-Baltimore


Student Achievement and Health

Goldsmith Family Foundation

Golfers' Charitable Association

Hoffberger Family Foundation

Lockhart Vaughan Foundation

Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

Wright Family Foundation


Weinberg Library Project

Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

and Weinberg Partners

Art with a Heart

Baltimore City Public Schools

Baltimore Book Bank

Baltimore Sun

Maryland Out of School Time Network (MOST)

Maryland State Department of Education

Reading Partners


The Mary Rebecca Thomson Library Fund

Doug and Chrystie Adams

Larry and Susan Artes

Niki Artes and Michael Gbenga

Dorothy and Lyle Bieber

Erika Brockman

Brown Memorial Church

Elaine Doyle-Gillespie

Ed and Peggy Haser

Suzanne Hurst and Sam Peters

Megan Kashdin

Stephanie King

Katie and Dan McGrain

Betsy Nix and Andy Imparato

Jessica Nizamoff

Kendra Padilla

Marilyn Powel

Malissa Ruffner and John Odell

Charles Simmons and Hannah S. Pickworth

Bonnie and Elden Schneider

Darline Terrill-Tyson

Pat Thomson

Konni Thomson and David Harris

Jennifer and Tim Thompson (AKJ Books)

Tom Waldron and Stephanie Shapiro

Dagmar Wehling

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation




Community Circle

$5,000 or more

Randy Befumo and Andrea O'Dell

Brown Advisory*

Mark and Brooke Bussard*

Exit 10

Hi Pro Productions and Media (Alan Gaffere)

Suzanne Hurst and Sam Peters

William H, Miller III*

Tom and Pamela O'Neil

George Roche


Family Circle

$1,000 to $4,999


Ameriprise Financial Group

Erin Becker

Richard and Rita Berndt

Dr. Christopher Breiseth

Steve and Cecily Breiseth

Margaret and Theodore Brockman

Charlotte Brown

Cease Partnership

Katerine and Dave Hurst

Macht Family Fund of the Associated

Ochs Family Foundation

Sanford W. Morhouse and Patty Hogan

1919 Investment Counsel*

Jennifer Nail and Ben James

Elizabeth Nix and Andy Imparato

Alicia Schmidt

Stifel Nicolaus*

T.Rowe Price Associates*

Christy and Matthew Wyskiel*


Parents Circle

$500 to $999

Anonymous (2)

Kayode Aje

Bruce Behrens*

Clearbridge Investments, LLC

Nicole Cobb and Charlton Woodly

Mary and Dan Dent Fund

Matthew and Dulaney Dent

Kyle and Paula Gore

Hotchkis and Wiley Capital Management

Investment Counselors of Maryland*

Gwen Landahl

Legg Mason Global Management*

Priscilla Lightbourne

Lee Owen*

Charles and Elizabeth Reichelt

David Schuster*

Taymour Tamaddon*

Mary Rebecca Thomson

Jean Yu and Gary Wu


Faculty Circle

$250 to $499

Peter and Anne Angevine

Allison Benson*

The Bradley Company*

Jeff and Suzanne Breiseth

Erika and Will Brockman

Cordella J. Brown+

Robert and Karen Brown

CFA Society of Baltimore

David Clapp*

Corbyn Investment Management*

Felix Dawson*

Claudia and Philip Diamond

Susan Ferris

Anne Ferris and Harry Greenberg

Jennifer and Andy Grossman

Dana Harris-Trovato

William Heaphy*

Eva Higgins

Kathy and David Hoskins

Robert Jacapraro*

Stephon Jackson*

April Kepner

Justin Label*

Meghna and Scott Lipcon

Sarah Littlepage and Phil Hildebrandt

Joyce Mason

Cheryl Maynard and Anthony Mountain

Samantha McLemore and Jeremy Smith

Tricia O'Neill^

Greta Pruitt

Kelly Rambo*

Sandra Roche

Viveka Ryn

Louis Sarkes*

David Schaffer*

Laura and David Urban

John Williams*

World Return, Inc.*


Students Circle

Gifts to $250

Anonymous (5)

Eric and Sarah Aasheim

Debbie and Bill Adler

Diane Asher

Erin Aslakson*

Joshua Auerbach and Nicole Leistikow

Bank of America Matching Gifts Program

Chip Bailey*

Joe and Kathy Frey-Balter

David Bardwill

Anthony Pearce-Batten*

John Beatson*

Nan Bentley

Black Faculty and Staff Association (JHU)

Roger S. Blumenthal MD

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bonsal III

Ed Boyer*

Jon Bradley*

Edward Bradley*

Abigail Breiseth

Alan and Kristina Breiseth

Greg Breiseith and John Linngren

Kristin Breiseth

Mary Briggs

Frank and Elvira Brockman

Dorsey Brown*

Ralph S. Brown, MD

Tim Burdette*

Mike Burke and Phyllis McKeen

John Cammack*

Trish Carroll*

James Case*

Reed Cassady*

John Chabbott*

The Charlesmead Foundation*

Taylor and Keri Classen

Judith Clark

Sarah Concannon*

Betsy Condron

Robert M. Connelly

Patricia Jason Cruz and Geoffrey Godfrey

Barbara and Joseph Curran

Timek, Ishmael, and Leah Dah

James Dale and Ellen Small

Stan and Pattie Davies

Paige Davis*

Charles Deeley*

Paul Dettor*

Cheryl Domres

Siri Lise and Robb Doub

DLA Piper*

Robert and Jessica Elfenbein

Deric Emry*

Sean Erb*

Aimee Eudy*

Gloria M. Ferris

Maria Filardi*

Sandra and Roger Fink

Lauri M. Fitzgerald

Kenneth and Ann Fligsten

Harry M. Ford III*

Michael Foss*

Ardebella Dean Fox

Alan and Faten Gaffere

Matthew Gotlin*

Tommy Grace*

Mary Gregory*

Paul Griagos and Susan Snyder

Angie Groom*

Susan Grayson

Grosman Family Fund

Thomas Hams and Dagmar Wehling

Jenny Harrington*

Mike Harrington*

Dixon Harvey*

Alison Hartman

Tim Hodge*

Fred Hopkins*

Craig Horner*

Ben and Sally Hoskins

Allan House*

Phil Huber*

Gibboney Huske*

Barbi Hyman

Don and Suzanne James

Anne A. Jamison

Vaishali and Vishal Joshi

Steve Kelly*

Mara-Lee and Carim Khouzami

Robert Killebrew, Jr.*

Marjorie Kovens

Natalie Kuntz*

Michael Landweber and Kathleen Flory

John Lawson*

Jay and Jennifer Leopold

Kathleen and Michael Lester

Elisabeth and Scott Liebow

Jane and John Lumm

Cam Macdonald*

Joy Mandel

Margaret McKenzie

James Meek*

Mary Miller*

Robert and Lara Minahan

William Miller IV*

Merrie Mowen*

Jennifer Murphy*

Louisa Murphy*

Farhan Mustafa*

James Nail and Caterine Cluett Belden

Paul and Susan Niemeyer

Lisa, Ross, and Hank Nochumowitz

David and Amy Noji

Dan and Abby O'Haver

Niall O'Malley*

Lynn O'Mealia*

Kevin Osten*

Peggy Pasquarella*

Michelle Peters

Laura and Daniel Plunkett

Dod Poe*

John B. Powell*

Hunter Purcell*

Fran and Debbie Rahl

Lisa Rapuano*

William Rienhoff*

Nathaniel Risch

David Rose*

S. Charles and Wendy Sanborn

Scott Schafer*

Sara Schapiro

David Schick*

Mr. and Mrs. James Seba

Heather Sites

Dan and Marie Anne Silwinski

Ross and Kate Smith

James Smyth

Matthew Snowling*

Kendall Spera

Rudy and Majory Spraycar

Brian Stansky*

Elizabeth and Nevett Steele, Jr.

Rebecca and John Stevens

Maureen Stewart*

James Stradtner*

Brian Sturdivant

James Talbott*

Darline and Nigel Terrell-Tyson

Yongchun Tian and Yan Yin

Kristina Wilcox

Hutch Vernon*

Jennifer and Douglas Vey

Michele Ward*

Hugh Warns*

Kathleen Watkins and Jonathan Burbank

Terry and George Watson

Doug Williams*

Vanessa Wilson

Ben and Lena Woods

Emily Woods

Caroline Worrall

Louisa Wyskiel

Jason Yeung*

Nina Yudell*


*Baltimore Next Generation Investing Event Participants

^In Memory of Cameron O'Neill Mullen

+In Memory of Jane Breiseth


Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of our contributor lists. Please accept our sincere apology for errors or omissions and contact  the SBCS Administrative Offices (443-984-3385 x231) to make corrections.