Kindergarten will be posting daily class videos and assignments in Google Classroom. The day’s lessons will be available starting at 8 AM each day. Students will be expected to work throughout the day to complete the assignments. The assignments will be open throughout the week so that students have time to complete them. We will also be having Morning Meeting/Lunch Bunch sessions. These sessions will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 12 PM.

Use this link to access class information.  Ms. Lacey and Ms. Heather will contact you with log in information.

Ms. Lacey: 

Ms. Heather:

If you would like to contact Ms. Lacey, here is her information.

Email:,        Phone: 443-478-3656

If you would like to contact Ms. Heather, here is her information.  

Email:,        Remind:  Phone: 443-839-0678

Both Kindergarten Teachers will be available to support students throughout the day Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 AM-3 PM.

If you would like to schedule a video session, please reach out through email, Remind, text, or post to the Google Classroom to schedule ahead of time.